Flagrant Sauce Company was born out of friendships formed on the job when Matt (Michelin-Starred Chef/Owner of Yardbird Hong Kong), against better judgment, decided to bring Yoshi and Kenneth onto the team at Yardbird.

The next decade would see the three go on many debaucherous adventures together. They formed a bond of brotherhood that could only be forged through the perfect combination of hard work, long hours, empty bottles, early morning dim sum, trips around the world, unforgettable stories, and even more forgotten ones.
In 2017, Matt began experimenting with fermented hot sauces. Yoshi, the Scoville ladder climber that he is, immediately showed interest. While Kenneth, always looking for a new skill to add to his sash, rounded out the team behind Flagrant Sauce Company.

A desire to put out high quality products while building a strong community of collaborators and supporters drives the team to continuously grow and create.